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Background: The ICTPI Series

The mission of the International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation (ICTPI) series ( is to bring together leading representatives of academic, business, government and other relevant sectors worldwide to present, discuss and assess current and future issues of critical importance for the use of science and technology to foster socio-economic and shared prosperity at home and abroad.

This series was launched in Macao, China, in 1997, and since then has followed a long itinerary of places and themes, as summarized in the following list:

  1. Macao (1997), “21st century opportunities and challenges for science, technology and innovation”;
  2. Lisbon, Portugal (1998), “Knowledge for inclusive development”;
  3. Austin, Texas, USA (1999), “Global knowledge partnerships: Creating value for the 21st century”;
  4. Curitiba, Brazil (2000), “Learning and knowledge networks for development”;
  5. Delft, The Netherlands (2001), “Critical infrastructures for the learning economy”;
  6. Kansai, Japan (2002), “Regional and global initiatives in the learning society”;
  7. Monterey, Mexico (2003), “Connecting people, ideas and resources across communities”;
  8. Lodz, Poland (2005), “Value-added partnering in a changing world”.

You can find more information on the previous events of this conference series by visiting the ICTPI website (

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